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KOOL KIDZ MARKETING PTE LTD is a company based in Singapore. Started in late 2015 by partners who are parents, our company is passionate about bringing high quality products to children and parents in Asia. We source for products which are FUNCTIONAL, FUN & FASHIONABLE (our 3 'F's) from all around the world - something which our little ones would approve too! 


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Ergonomic Baby Carriers


Ergonomic Baby Carriers



Kool Kidz is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Kokadi Products. All Kokadi products are designed with passion in Munich and made with love in EU.


“Kokadi”, the launch of this new label that has been setting babywearing and fashion trends since 2010. The recipe for success? Kokadi plans and designs its products with great attention to details, using unique materials and modern colour combinations and patterns. The result is one-of-a-kind baby slings and carriers with a signature style and variety suitable for everyone’s taste. In the company’s brief history, Kokadi has won the hearts many moms and dads and given babywearing a whole new image. The products are more than just baby slings and carriers. With modern colours and designs, they are iconic fashion accessories in themselves


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What is a Kokadi Flip?

The Kokadi Flip is a Full Buckle ergonomic baby carrier which can support the baby optimally in the squat-and-spread position. This is a practical carrier which combined the simplicity of buckles with high-quality Kokadi baby wrap fabric. The waist belt and the shoulder straps can be closed and opened with buckles quickly. They’re great for mums and dads who are new to babywearing or want a carrier that’s especially easy to use. The perfect babywearing option for busy parents!


To ensure baby’s optimal comfort, we offer carriers in three sizes: Baby, Toddler, and XL.


Other product ranges from Kokadi include woven wraps, ring slings, water slings, TaiTais (Mei Tais) and accessories like babywearing jackets, legwarmer, doll slings, drool pads, bags etc.


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X-Ray Michael
Leni Stars
Hedwych in Wonderland
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Arielle Marie
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Royal Crown Prince
Royal Crown Princess
Arielle Saphir
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Heart 2 Heart Stone
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Key features of Kokadi Flips:


  • Body panel and neck area of the carrier are continuously adjustable to give baby a perfect fit all the time for optimal knee-to knee support.

  • Suitable for newborns (baby size can fit min weight of 3.5kg) without the need of any additional attachments or inserts.

  • Side darts in the back help the carrier mould to baby’s proportions while giving a deep seat in the squat-and-spread position.

  • Tested to carry weight up to 15kg.

  • All cotton fabrics are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.


  • Body panel and hood are converted from Kokadi woven wraps which are airy and great for our warm weather.

  • The shoulder straps and waist belt are padded for extra comfort and support.

  • The arm straps on the kokadi Flip are attached to the hip belt to avoid pressing against baby’s back.

  • An additional buckle is added to the toddler and XL sizes so babywearer can decide where to attach the arm strap for better weight distribution as the baby grows.

  • The carrier fits women with European dress sizes 34 to 48 (6 to 20 UK, 2 to 16 US).

  • Older children may carry arms outside for greater freedom of movement.


  • Buckle system is easy to use compared with slings and other form of carriers.

  • The hood can be used as protection against different weather conditions, curled as headrest or act us privacy cover when baby is sleeping or nursing.

Kool Kidz is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Buzzidil products.


Love to wear! This is the philosophy behind Buzzidil products. A series of ergonomic baby carriers made in Austria. 

Through the nine months of pregnancy, your baby was always near Mum. Feeling her, hearing her, even smelling her. Warm, cosy and always in gentle motion. Carrying your baby after birth helps your baby to adjust to our loud, exciting, fantastic and sometimes weird world. It's pure love and for you as parents babywaring grants you more freedom of action.

Behind the beautiful designs of Buzzidil, you will find a series of high quality products, safe and ergonomic for your child and you. 

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Key Features of Buzzidil Versatile

Babycarrier for babies aged 2 – 36 months, 3.5-18kg.

Convenience for Babies:

  • back panel grows steplessly (width: 21 - 42 cm | 8.3 - 16.9", height: 32 - 42 cm | 12.6 - 16.5"),

  • ergonomic sitting position; for small babys (< 6-8 months) shoulder straps can be connected with the hip belt to avoid pressure on babys developping back

  • for toddlers with advanced development of their back (> 6 – 8 months) shoulder straps can be connected with the back panel: weight is evenly distributed between hips and shoulders of the person carrying the baby.

  • sling fabric perfectly enwraps the back of your baby.


Convenience for Parents:

  • carrying in a wrap (sling fabric) without need for wrapping

  • padded and adjustable shoulder straps,

  • shoulder straps can be used in various ways (parallel or crossed over your back – just as it is more comfortable for you)

  • structured hip belt distributes weight of your baby from your shoulders to your hips (especially when shoulder straps are connected tot he back panel of the carrier)

  • Waistbelt is adjustable between 67-140cm (26.5"-55")

We use quality material only (our sling wrap is mainly woven in Austria according to the strict Austrian quality regulations; for shoulder and hipbelt we use 100% organic cotton (GOTS Certified) being tested for their resistance to saliva and spittle; Duraflex quality buckles). To prevent manipulations of the buckles on the shoulder straps by toddlers and accidental opening, we use 3-point-security buckles. The Buzzidil Babycarrier is patented.

Many Beautiful Designs of Buzzidil

Dragonfly Eclipse
EL Aguacil
Arabeske Mayla
Arabeske Caerula
Arabeske Findus
Forest of Gatsby
Evening Star
Tribal Owls Rose
Les Amis
Indian Elephants

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